Bringing archives to life

Analogue to Digital

Converting old format photographs (film, slides and glass negatives) into digital.

Book Reproduction

We are expanding into scanning and reproducing rare and out of print books.

Digital Image Restoration

Sometimes the years aren’t as kind to photographs as we would like. We can restore them to their former glory.

Why we do what we do

95 million images are uploaded to Instagram every day yet there are archives and libraries full of images that haven’t been seen for decades. Some haven’t been seen in over 100 years. Our aim is to change that. By working to digitise at risk collections we will be able to give these forgotten images a new life and bring them to a brand new audience.

New Permanent Exhibition

Over 40 of our images of New Brighton dating from 1890 to the mid 1940s have been restored and made into a permanent exhibition at The James Atherton Pub in New Brighton.

Greenleaf Project is working with Rockpoint Leisure to promote New Brighton’s historical side. 

Priestley and Sons

Our current project is cataloguing and digitising the Priestley and Sons collection. The ultimate aim of the project will be to publish a second revised and updated edition of ‘Merseyside in Monochrome’

Wallasey Borough Engineers

During the early part of the 20th Century New Brighton, Wirral enjoyed a period of development. The Wallasey Borough Engineers photographed these works over 40 years. The 800 original glass negatives survive to this day and have been scanned for the first time producing images of unparalleled quality.

Wallasey Historical Society

In November 2016 we were approached by the Wallasey Historical Society to digitise over 600 negatives and lantern slides. Many of the images are famous in the local area however the scans from the original negatives are the best that had ever been seen.

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